Hi, my name is Dave. I understand where you are in your Superglass journey, and where you want to go.

For four years, I worked as a windshield repair technician for Superglass in one of their most successful locations. The question we always struggled with was: how to get more outside clients to supplement our dealerships?

Wouldn’t it be great to have several outside clients each day on your schedule where you can charge a premium? It sure does move the needle, let me tell you.

We finally figured it out – it was a combination of a highly converting website & a well optimized and managed Google My Business Profile. We saw increased sales of 210% in outside clients within the first year.

Now I’m here to help you find the same success we did. I know this industry, I understand what potential clients are looking for before they pick up the phone and call you.

My designs are built to get you more business. Reach out and let’s get started!

Creating Transformation

Franchisee website – before & after

[dnxte_before_after dnxte_before_image=”https://www.superglassredesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Superglass_website-1024×552.png” dnxte_after_image=”https://superglassredesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/smartmockups_kp2yfty3-1024×552.png” dnxte_before_label=”After” dnxte_after_label=”Before” dnxte_enable_overlay=”off” dnxte_offset=”0.5″ dnxte_move_hover=”on” dnxte_move_with_handle=”off” dnxte_move_with_click=”off” dnxte_slider_color=”#FF8E72″ dnxte_slider_handle_color=”#FF8E72″ dnxte_slider_handle_bg_color=”RGBA(0,0,0,0)” dnxte_slider_handle_icon_color=”#FF8E72″ _builder_version=”4.16″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”][/dnxte_before_after]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your designs increase my business?

Our designs are built specifically to convert more visitors to your site into customers. We accomplish this with conversion-based design, mobile optimization, and a clear call-to-action throughout the site. Combine that with great images, icons, and a professional promo video, you'll see more visitors become customers rather quickly.

In addition, we help you set-up and/or optimize your Google My Business listing to drive more organic traffic to your site, which means a better chance of increased business.

What if I don't have Google My Business setup?

Not a problem - we can set everything up for you then optimize it to get you the most visibility in the Google Map Pack. Google offers this service for free for any business, so there's no additional monthly cost.

If you already have GMB, then you add us as a manager on your account and we optimize and manage it so there's always fresh content, which Google rewards with a better ranking.

Why should we host our new site with you?

Chances are, you are using discounted hosting on a shared server with GoDaddy or another large hosting reseller. The problem with shared hosting - if any of the 100's of other sites on that server get hacked or injected with malware, it will impact your site as well.

When you host with us, your site lives on our dedicated server that we control. Each site has the highest level of security and is monitored every day.  And if something were to go wrong or your site were to get hacked, we know immediately and will fix the problem quickly.

Do I get a discount for being a franchisee?

Yes, you do. Every Superglass franchisee is offered a discount on our web design, hosting, and Google My Business Management package.

These discounts are reflected in the discounted rates listed HERE. We want to make it affordable for you to supercharge your business and inexpensive to get started.

Design 1

Design 2